Theater has been part of Wendy’s life since she was very young in Santo Domingo. It is a passion that has followed her to Miami, where she has performed drama, comedy and children’s theater. Some of the plays that she has appeared in include Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing,” García Lorca’s “Blood Wedding,” as well as “The Golden Egg,” “The Shampoo Girl,” “From Inside,” “Where’s Kevin?”, “The Chocolate Tree,” and others. From the complexity of the Shakespearean theater to the pressure of the micro-theater, that demands the delivery of a significant play in less than ten minutes, and going through the candor of children’s play, Wendy has been able to embody her characters in each genre. In doing so, she has won the respect of people who only know her work on TV or the movies, being that theater is where journey in the arts has its beginnings.