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about me

Body:  Height: 5’5  /  Bust: 32b  /  Waist: 24  /  Hips: 36  /  Shoes: 8 1/2

Clothing:  Dress: 2  /  Pants: 3/4  /  Blouse: small  /  Jacket: Small

Wendy Regalado is a Dominican American actress . She has been acting professionally since 2006, when she started to show her many talents with a solid foundation in the theater, as well as national and international television and cinema.

Best known as an actress and a TV hostess, Wendy’s training as a social communications major in college prepared her to have a comfortable command of the camera. Combined with her theater experience, this allows her to be familiar with the art of improvisation on the stage, as well as the ability to explore a character in depth.

Some use the endearing nickname “The Dominican Barbie” to describe Wendy Regalado, because of figure and general demeanor. Her natural beauty and fresh personality, combined with her involvement in worthy social causes, are all attributes that make her a worthy representative of her country and origin.

Wendy is, above all, an optimist. She is dynamic, excited about life and lives it based on a solid Christian faith. She does not see the difficulties along her path as something to avoid or be afraid of, but as opportunities to learn more and accumulate experiences.

Her international career was launched by her participation in a permanent roll as the character Lucia in the juvenile TV series “Grachi,” which was produced and broadcasted by Nickelodeon International. The character of Lucia grew throughout the three seasons that lasted the entire series. Wendy has co-hosted Dimenzion AZ, an entertainment program that airs on Azteca América. She also has appeared as guest hostess on LATINX NOW that airs on channels E News, Telemundo and NBC in the United States. Currently, she hosts her own program on the digital channel NEOMUJER USA, “Wellness by Wen,” focusing on nutrition, beauty and wellness. Wendy has also launched an athletic-wear clothing line by the same name, “Wellness by Wen - Arias Couture.”

Theater has been part of Wendy’s life since she was very young in Santo Domingo. It is a passion that has followed her to Miami, where she has performed drama, comedy and children’s theater. Some of the plays that she has appeared in include Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing,” García Lorca’s “Blood Wedding,” as well as “The Golden Egg,” “The Shampoo Girl,” “From Inside,” “Where’s Kevin?”, “The Chocolate Tree,” and others. From the complexity of the Shakespearean theater to the pressure of the micro-theater, that demands the delivery of a significant play in less than ten minutes, and going through the candor of children’s play, Wendy has been able to embody her characters in each genre. In doing so, she has won the respect of people who only know her work on TV or the movies, being that theater is where journey in the arts has its beginnings.

Special Skills

As one should expect, so much versatility in the arts has taken Wendy to represent important brands as well as to create her own. She has worked as a model and actress in several photoshoots and TV commercials for brands like DirecTV, Pepsi-Cola, Frito Lay, FLEX TV Multiphone, Dunkin Donuts, ESPN, BrandSmart USA, Discovery Channel, Merlin NYC, Google, McDonald’s, Zoni, Univision, YMCA, Amazon, and many more. At the present time she is putting to practice all that she has learned in branding and becoming an influencer in all the products that she endorses. She has been the image for products and retailers such as Clinique, Naturally G4U, and Ulta Beauty.

Prize to the Dominican Excellence, granted by the Dominican Consulate General in Miami and the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, given to Dominican talents who have excelled abroad.Certificate of Recognition by LUAC (Latinos United in Action Center) for her contribution to the Dominican Cultural Heritage in Miami. Medal of Love and Hope, granted by Perla de la Esperanza Foundation, for participating in the movement against violence to women. Best Actress in a Supporting Roll 2010, presented by Miami Life Foundation. Best Actress in a Supporting Role, presented by Hollywood Blood Horror Festival 2019, for “Jenni.” Talent of the Year 2019, Greatful Heart Award, based on integrity, gratitude, and efforts to lend support to the community in the City of Miami.

Wendy has been active on TV and in the movies. “Concealer,” “Obsesión,” “One Babysitter for Guchi,” and “Woodheaven” are some of the films and TV projects in her portfolio. Her staring roll in the short film Jenni is the one that has given her the most joy. “Jenni” is a girl who lives with her mother in New York City, shaken up by the many family conflicts. The relationship between the main character and her mother is affected by a third party who makes everything turn to an end that is both, dramatic and poignant. “Jenni” has been a very successful film with more than fifteen awards in United States, Europe and Latin America. TV miniseries, La Fuerza de Creer 2 (The Power of Believing 2), where she plays a character named Fanny. This miniseries aired on Univision, nationally and internationally in 2018. Wendy has participated in the tv series  100 Dias Para Enamorarnos for Telemundo and she is currently acting in the Telemundo Series Loli's luck (La Suerte de LoLi)

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