Wendy has been active on TV and in the movies. “Concealer,” “Obsesión,” “One Babysitter for Guchi,” and “Woodheaven” are some of the films and TV projects in her portfolio. Her staring roll in the short film Jenni is the one that has given her the most joy. “Jenni” is a girl who lives with her mother in New York City, shaken up by the many family conflicts. The relationship between the main character and her mother is affected by a third party who makes everything turn to an end that is both, dramatic and poignant. “Jenni” has been a very successful film with more than fifteen awards in United States, Europe and Latin America. TV miniseries, La Fuerza de Creer 2 (The Power of Believing 2), where she plays a character named Fanny. This miniseries aired on Univision, nationally and internationally earlier this year. Wendy is currently in production with a new series, 100 Dias Para Volver, for Telemundo.